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Frequently Asked Questions

When is SCF available to provide training sessions?

Monday to Friday 11am-6pm                    

Saturday 11am-3pm


(Hours subject to change)

How are you different from a regular gym trainer?

Committed to excellence. We continuously expand our knowledge through nationally accredited adaptive training certifications

Why is the consultation required prior to initiation of training?

Consultation ensures personalized fitness plans. We conduct a Physical Assessment Readiness Questionnaire to understand your needs and design a program just for you.

What type of exercises are incorporated in your program?

Sessions include CORE, STRENGTH, AND BRAIN SENSORY exercises tailored to each individual.

How long are the sessions and the price?

By assessing each client we have determined each fitness class to be 30 minutes

Group Fitness Classes

44.99 per person 

​Personal Training Session

[Limited Time] $69.99 per session (Price increases to $84.99 after April 1, 2024)

Funding Options for Adaptive Fitness:

Self-Direction Services:Contact your Care-Manager to explore program funding. This empowers your choice in fitness activities!

Health Savings Account (HSA):
Check with your HSA administrator if adaptive fitness qualifies as a "qualified medical expense." Doctor's justification for therapeutic programs might boost coverage chances.
First session FREE without commitment

Where are you located?

22 Clifton Country Rd. Clifton Park, NY 12065

Late Cancellation and No-Show Policy

No-shows and cancellations made less than 24 hours in advance incur a 100% service fee. This charge is the responsibility of the client and will be billed directly.

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